Our Certificates

Vega S.r.l - IQNet Certificate  Vega S.r.l - ICIM Certificate
Vega works in full respect of the operating procedures certified according to the ISO 9001/2008 standards.

The quality control is performed without compromises. Each incoming component undergoes controls to test dimensions and tolerances, by means of random samples. Each outgoing cylinder is hydraulically tested according to appropriate technical specifications, at the maximum admitted pressure.

Each magnetic cylinder undergoes specific tests of the magnetic field and of the switches. The certification of the tests and the registration of each bill of materials for the production of the cylinders guarantee the future availability for spare parts and technical support.Each single cylinder is customized through the sticking of metal labels with a serial number. The Shipping Department is concerned with the daily shipment of dozens of items to any corner of the world.The finished product stock and the choice of a shipping network also allows to deliver spare parts and cylinders by the end of the day.