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Our Products

1. Tie Rod Cylinder
The tie rod cylinders represent the base of Vega’s range. They are the best compromise price-quality. All the time no special requirements are necessary this group is the start of our offer…

Vega S.r.l - V215CR
V215CR (Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders According To ISO 6020/2 Compact Norms 215 bar)
The cylinders of V215CR range are built according to ISO 6020/2 Compact Norms and they are changeable with other similar cylinders (with reserve; personally verify all dimensions)  This model permits a wide range of applications with the best compromise between quality and price where not particular requirements about pressure, temperature, dimensions are requested. Till bore 160 magnetic switches can be applied (with a proper version).

2. Compact Block Cylinder
The compact “block” cylinders. When the overall dimensions must be extremely compact!

Vega S.r.l - V220CC   Vega S.r.l - V250CE   Vega S.r.l - V400CL   Vega S.r.l - V450CM

Same philosophy as V250 but with strokes on demand till 500 mm. Bores from 32 to 100 mm. This model can be easily customized – double rod, cooling system, special rod end, etc.

The short stroke “Magnetic” cylinder. Compact, light and versatile aluminium cylinder. Manifold oil delivery option – with o-rings – Bores from 25 to 100 mm. Strokes 20 and 50 mm.

The extreme concept of compactness: we supply rod, piston and seals; you build the body inside the mould according to our specifications. Range as V450.

It’s the heavy duty block cylinder. Short stroke. Bores: from 16 to 100 mm. Manifold oil delivery option and extremely compact mechanical end stroke switches option, on the side with parallel rod. Pressure till 450 bars!

3. Locking Rod Cylinder

Vega S.r.l - V260CF
Invented for contrasting the plastic injection pressure on radial mould cores.

The locking rod hydraulic cylinder. In the end stroke position - rod out – a hydro-mechanical locking system provide a static force increase and permit to contrast the plastic injection force from 7 to 70 tons! Inductive end stroke option.

4. Auxiliaries

Vega S.r.l - VR
A wide range of cylinder accessories: flanges, rod end accessories, non return valves, thermo-isolating plates, flow limiters, switches controllers.

The SIM08 connection box provides an optimal solution for connecting all type of cylinder end-stroke switches