Quality Policy

Quality Policy

  • Company Vega S.r.l. base their business and behavior according to the sound principles of this Quality Policy, and to the strategic targets established by the shareholders.
  • Perform a reasonable return of the investments made, for gratifying both the shareholders and all the personnel.
  • Keep this target throughout the time. This can be accomplished only if the final customer is satisfied as regards product quality, price and especially support, both before and after the sale. For that, it is necessary to keep our customers ‘brand loyal’ as much as possible, and this is a primary target for Vega. Such ‘brand loyalty’ should extent to the sales network too (e.g. distributors), as far as suitable.
  • Keep producing high quality cylinders in the versions required by the customers, also considering an increase in our range, both of products and of methods for supporting our customers.
  • Organize the Company for ‘eating away’ market shares from our competitors, both introducing new products (which can be just sold and not manufactured by Vega), and using a new approach to customer requirements, for helping them in product choice and problem solving.
  • This will primarily involve the Sales Dept., with the purpose of acquiring major companies worldwide.

Continuously involve, sensitize and instill responsibility in all the personnel, which is essential for reaching the targets mentioned above.

Therefore, the Directorate-General in Vega issued this Quality Policy as the starting point for involving all the Company resources and making known to everyone its general Quality targets. It also engages in supplying everything necessary for achieving such targets.

This also includes to define specific targets and timings for all the main Company sectors, as well as suitable means for measuring their achievement (see Process Indicators). They are made known to all the resources involved and kept controlled by the Process Managers.

In order to do so, the Company strives for making their Quality System more and more efficient, for allowing all the Company Processes to reach the target defined.
All the documentation referring to the Quality System is spread on Vega network, for ease of access and for keeping all the personnel constantly informed and up to date.

Castellanza, 01/09/2015   The Directorate-General