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VEGA is a manufacturer and distributor of HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS specifically developed for the plastic injection and die casting mould applications.
  • Market specialisation
    • By a product range specially developed for moulds applications:
      • Magnetic Switches specialists.
      • Compact solutions with manifold oil delivery, in-mould cylinders, integrated and compact mechanical micro switches option.
      • Self locking rod cylinder.
      • Customized solutions with special cylinders.
      • Solutions for high temperature needs.
      • Solutions for high force needs.

    • Technical consultancy to mould designers, through “Simplicius” and technical staff support.
    • Web “Configurator” enable preview and measure dimension for selected product code. It also provide 2D and 3D Cad file to download to insert in your project before purchase any cylinder.
    • By a fast delivery time for complete cylinders and spare part.

  • Quality
    • By a certified quality system according to ISO 9001/2008 standards
    • By manufacturing quality control and cylinder testing.
    • By row material selection.

  • Innovation
    • By continuing research & development on new products
    • By the e-commerce web site
    • By The global manufacturing structure

  • Service
    • International sales and assistance network
    • S.O.S. service to moulders
    • Cylinders codification, standard component and stock